Comic Empire of Tulsa

This is the store where I get my new comic books each Wednesday.  In my opinion, the best comic store in the city of Tulsa, he has a wide variety of books from publishers past and present.  Comic Empire isn't like some of the stores in the area, only selling those items that are hot at the moment, and stocking a limited supply of back isues.  Mike (owner of Comic Empire) has a little bit of everything, a true "Collector's Store".  Plus, if you sign up for his subscription service, he will not only save the books for you as they come out, you will also be given a discount off the cover price of the book.  Not a bad deal.  You can find the store at:

Comic Empire of Tulsa
3122 South Mingo Road
Tulsa, OK  74146
(918) 664-5808

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