Jeff and Catalina

These pictures were taken at the Accent Photography studio on September 14th, 2007, which was the day before Catalina left to go back home to Romania.  During the previous Sertoma Raffle (2006), I won a free 16x20 portrait.  I had forgotten all about it until my dad reminded me that we still had it, and that perhaps I should take a picture with Catalina.  What a great idea!

So, we went down to the studio and took a bunch of photos.  Catalina looks great.  I look...well, I'm in the picture.  While I got the free portrait, of course that isn't all I ended up getting.  The pictures were very good as you can tell.  The first four photos in the slide show are the pictures we chose for print, and they have been touched up.  The others are a sampling of  the other pictures taken, and are NOT touched up.   I appreciate Accent Photography for allowing me to take these pics and post them on my site.

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