Romanian Vacation (pt 1)

These are pictures from my Romanian vacation, which lasted from April 23, 2006 through May 12, 2006.  I travelled all over the country seeing the sites and exploring all that Romania has to offer.  Unfortunately, I didn't get to see all that I wanted, since there is so much there to see.  I would highly recommend going, and if you do, I highly recommend using Everything About Romania travel agency.  They can arrange for your accomodations, travel, AND guided tours while visiting Romania.   Their main site also offers a lot of information about the country and its unique history.

Lots of nice people in Romania, but I have to admit that Catalina is by far my favorite.  You will see her picture several times in the slide show. 

Note:  Lots of pictures in this slideshow, so give it plenty of time to load.

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